New gigs!

Hi, folks. 

Instead of trying to come up with something witty and profound, I thought I should shoot out a quick note with news about a bunch of new gigs for the rest of 2014, and into 2015. Cos often I get asked where and when I'm playing, and why you didn't know about a gig sooner, because you'd have come to it if you did. 

Well, check out my gigs page to find out where I'm playing! I update it pretty regularly these days. You can also find updates on my facebook page - since most people are on Facebook these days I'll try harder to get the info on there sooner :)

And in other general news, now that the madness of weddings, house moving and international Ultimate disc tournaments is over, my thoughts (and finances) can perhaps turn to recording that elusive EP... 

Stay tuned, and please pass on to your friends to subscribe for more updates! And if you're really "lucky", some witty and profound postings... ;)

Sue x

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