New single 'Sand' - trickling into an online store 'near' you ;)

Sand single released by Sulijo!
Hey, lovely peeps! My debut single, 'Sand' has been sent out under the artist name Sulijo and **will be appearing in a bunch of online stores this week ie. iTunes, Rdio, Amazon, Spotify. It's already on Rdio and Amazon so the others won't be far behind :D

Who is 'Sulijo'??
I've decided to use Sulijo as my recording/stage name for my solo original music. It's essentially a short version of my name: the first two letters of each word in Sue Lillian Johnson. It's been my online user name, and in my website URL and email addresses for a while. One day not that long ago I decided, "Heck, I'm gonna use Sulijo as a stage name. It's short, it's unique, it's strange - just like me!" ;) Some good friends agreed, and lo, Sulijo came to be.

So you can find my new song under the artist name Sulijo, song name Sand.

'Sand' October sales for Telethon 2013
And in celebration of the honour of launching the song on Channel 7 Perth's Telethon 2013 and in my wish to help the kids that benefit from Telethon, I'm going to donate the proceeds of sales of Sand in October to Telethon. So you get to enjoy a multilayered warm and fuzzy feeling by making me, you, and some kids feel good through my music, for only a dollar or two! 

So I'd love it if you'd keep an eye out for Sand, and keep loving your music. :) 

Sue x

**update - Sand is OUT! and you can buy it on this website on the Music page - more proceeds will go to Telethon for October sales that way :)

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