Subscriber email alert, more gig noooz

Hey, folks. 

If you subscribe to my mailing list, check your inbox for a little pre-Christmas encouragement message from me, and an update on gigs. Oh and a free demo reel track showing the kind of stuff I do at a gig :)

There've been a few changes and a few new performance dates added to my Gigs page, so if you want to know where I'll be on a particular date,  check it out, or my Home page calendar.

This weekend I am having a small break for my birthday, which is on Monday. Before that though I WILL be very happily back at the Victoria Park Hotel this Friday (being asked back as they resume soloists on a Friday being a very nice gig-related birthday present :)). Then it's putting up the feet for the rest of the weekend. Ahhhhhh...

Might catch some of you somewhere in Perth on the weekend! 

Cheerio till then,

Sue x


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