What really makes me angry about the world… (for LYL challenge)

I probably amuse my friends no end with my penchant for ranting on Facebook about stuff I know little about, or have just seen come up on my feed. I don’t do it often, but when I see something that really irks me, I might feel the need to say something about it in a post shared to others. I know this amuses people because recently a friend mentioned it in a real-life meeting. What? I’m that angry chick who gets all red-faced and ranty on Facebook? Nawww, I’m a kind, tender-hearted person who tries to always see the best in people, OK? Well, except that ASS who got into government and used all our money on st00pid, pompous projects, or those DICKS who hurt those animals, and… Er, OK. I get the point.

So, now that I’m a new, non-ranty person, what does get me ‘really’ angry in this world? So much so that I might forgo my new edict to be nice and fluffy on Facebook, and return to my old ranty ways?

Injustice. Any place/time/occasion where people with power hurt or take advantage of people or creatures with less power. I hate that so much.

Why? Because it just cuts to my core. It makes me feel sad. I have been that powerless person to some extent, in some situations. Seeing it in others triggers a reaction in me, and makes me feel like I need to do something, to say something, to help in some small way.

And so I may have to create a separate Facebook for the ranty me.

Rant over.

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