Why I finally decided to start writing and releasing my own music

As I release my very first original song recording for the world to hear, I got to thinking about the journey that brought me to this point...

Have you ever loved and admired something so much that you don't dare dream it could be yours? That you could possess it, channel it, hold it in your hand? But you keep dreaming anyway?

As early as I can remember, I've always been crazy about music. I'd spend literally 3-4 hours at a time alone in my room, listening to music on my cassette tape deck. Listening, listening, soaking up, and loving how it made me feel.

To me as a child, music was a magical and wondrous thing. It was my saviour. It was my heartbeat. And my music idols were like demi gods - superhuman beings who somehow made this incredible sound that, once it entered my ears, had this magical power over the rest of me. 

How does music do that to us? It enters with sound and vibration through ears, skin, muscle, bone. It moves us. It soothes us. It emboldens us. It cries with us. It releases our rage. It makes us fall in love. It changes how we see things. It changes us. 

It took me a long time to believe I was worthy of holding such a power in my hands. I began honing my instruments, voice and guitar, fuelled and pulled along by this magical power, music. In time I was ready to play music for others - to weild the magician's tools and use them to move and transform others. What some may have called 'playing covers', has been to me, being bestowed with the honour of playing out the spells of master magicians before me. 

Finally, it became time to create my own little pieces of magic. What I've come to find, in writing my own songs, and what I love about music is that it is no respector of vessels - it will flow through any who have the desire and belief to let it. How it sounds when it comes out the other side depends on you. I've finally come to the point where believed it - that I could create my own music.

That's what I'm doing now, and it feels amazing. I can't help but remember the words sung by some practitioners of this magic that inspired me as a child - ABBA: thank you for the music. 

<3 Sue

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