Why my blogs disappeared for a while...

Hi, folks! It’s been a long time between blog posts from me, I know. My social media updates have also been pretty basic for the past few months. There's a good reason for this – I had a big ol’ wedding! Well, big as in time commitment, both in prep and in the number of celebrations... In the months leading up to my four-part, 2-continent wedding celebrations, I had little mental or time space for much else, ‘cept for gigs, Ultimate Frisbee, eating and sleeping. But it was all so very worth it, as my new hubby Ken and I had the most amazing time. 

Celebrations began with a beautiful ceremony by the river near our home, and dinner at my favourite local restaurant, Jezebelle. It then moved to Bali two weeks later for an on-field Ultimate frisbee-themed, post-tournament wedding ceremony complete with tournament participants helping to form a Frisbee aisle, a Frisbee floral bouquet, torrential rain and dress wrecking via running layouts into the nicely pre-prepared mud puddles J. Bali celebrations were wrapped up with a beautiful sunset reception where we and our friends and family finished the evening keeping cool in the venue’s infinity pool overlooking the beach and Easter fireworks. Many beautiful memories were made, and hey, we now have two opportunities to remember our anniversary (ie. chocolate egg buying means ‘oh, jeez, isn’t it our anniversary?!’) The pics below will give you an idea of how much fun we had :)
So, now that’s all done and dusted, life can return somewhat to normal. Apart from the massive Ultimate training schedule before we to head to Italy in August to play in Masters teams for Australia in the World Ultimate Club Championships… :-o
In between family life, sports, and trying to raise money to fund both, I’ll be trying to fit in as much music creation as I can! (and of course trying to raise funds for that too…)
Live music wise, you can see me perform regular duo gigs in May at the Rock Inne pub in Karagullen (every Sunday and every second Friday – 16th & 30th), as well as solo every second Friday at the Victoria Park Hotel in May and June. I also play solo at The Boat in Mindarie this Saturday. Check out my Facebook page or the ‘Gigs’ page on my website here to get the latest on where I am.
Creatively, I plan to record some of the songs I’ve written in snatches of time over the past few months, write some more, and put up some live music videos. And of course work on that debut EP… It’s time for the creative beast to be poked with a stick and ordered to get its butt out of the cave – sleep time is over, beast! J
Until my next update, keep loving your music!
Sue xx

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