About that reluctance…

Well, here, finally, is my first blog post on this blog I created, oh, more than a year ago? So, why start now? I’m starting now thanks to a timely prompt by Live Your Legend, the organisation started by Scott Dinsmore to encourage people to do work they loved. And despite this being a weekend where I’m supposed to be focussing on other things, I saw the call to start a blog over 7 days, and jumped at it.

I’m writing this, the first blog entry, two days late. And at 20 minutes past midnight, after enjoying dinner with my husband for our anniversary, and finishing one of three Diploma of Sound Production assignments due this weekend. But despite the late hour and perhaps the inappropriate choice to do a blog post while my husband waits for me to come to bed…I am (perhaps dysfunctionally) so happy to be finally starting this, right now.

You see, I’m a frustrated writer. And songwriter. A frustrated writer of words in general. And in LYL’s call to start that blog finally, I felt the urgent call to jump onto the speeding train that was passing by, even though I was perfectly fine busily working on something important trackside.

I’m actually pretty excited about starting a blog.

Oh, and FYI Scott was responsible for me deciding to do music for a living full time a few years ago. I’ve never looked back. I don’t plan on doing it this time either.

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