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The bug, the bachelor, a career change and the Aussie coat of arms  

Well, it's been an interesting time, to say the least! That's as far as I'm going to go to try and sum up a world pandemic... For me, it's been challenging, but I'm grateful to have much in the way of support and resources. Thanks to the Australian government's Jobkeeper scheme I was able to pay the rent and continue studying through 2020, and I finally graduated in 2021 with a Bachelor of Creative Media with a major in Sound and minor in Radio. This year I quit regular live music gigs in favour of a day…

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This creative life! 

The creative life is certainly challenging. There are doubts, self-sabotage, perfectionism. But there's also joy, beauty, and deep personal satisfaction. The road might be short and easy for some, but probably long and winding for more. My hand is up for category two! But I believe the personal investment of time, hard work, and personal development is worth it in the long run. Are you with me? 

News of my creative endeavours thus far to come soon. Stay tuned. :) 

New blog 'music words art' 

Hey, folks. As promised I've just posted my new blog, music words art, on my blog page. If you head there and have a look you'll notice an uncharacteristically productive rash of words, in the form of four new blog posts. The happy 'rash' was caused by a blog challenged I've just signed up for, with Live Your Legend, an organisation that started from a blog I once found particularly helpful in my music career. Check out the blog to find out how. Hope you enjoy reading - feedback and thoughts are warmly…Read more

'The Most Wonderful Time' & gig update 

"It's the most wonderful time of the year," the 1960s Andy Williams song goes. In many ways, it certainly is. A time of getting together with friends and loved ones, of giving and receiving gifts, of being thankful for the good things we've been lucky to have and experience, and of looking forward to the future, and to the year ahead.

But it's not so wonderful for everyone, as we all know from the stories we see on the news and social media, and just from seeing what happens to the people in our lives. The…Read more

Suesweek - a weekly update/musepost 

'Suesweek'. Ya know, like Newsweek. News...week... *grins-at-the-likely-groans* Haha yep, in true Sue style I've begun my new weekly updates with a bad pun. No apologies - I like puns. They go well with my terrible jokes. :)

So, I thought it was rather remiss of me to not have posted any blogs on here since my 'No New Year's resolutions' post. But then, the lack of blog posts since then is also kind of poetic... :)

Now that I can definitely say I haven't stuck to any potential New Year's resolutions, I can…Read more