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  1. Sand

Sand is the debut single for Sue Summers.


Verse 1:

You took your time
Like you needed to be covered
But you drew my eye
You wanted to be discovered

Affronted my senses
Rush of blood to my head
It threw me off balance
It threw me into your bed

We took it further
Then I found you'd been lying
I kept hanging on
Next thing you know we're dying
Next thing you know we're dying

As soon as you get what you want
You start to run cold
And it gets old
The absurdity of love just kills me
And now that you got what you want
You think I'm alone
But you were sand
So I took my chance
I let you slip right through my fingers

Verse 2:
I took my chances
You took me for a ride
I made it through all your tantrums
I still got put to the side

Well, I had thought you were perfect
Till I found you weren't tryin'
I stopped hangin' on
Next thing you know you're crying
No, it's not me who's crying


I was yours, I can't deny
But you had to bleed me dry
I got out of your quicksand