The bug, the bachelor, a career change and the Aussie coat of arms

Well, it's been an interesting time, to say the least! That's as far as I'm going to go to try and sum up a world pandemic... For me, it's been challenging, but I'm grateful to have much in the way of support and resources. Thanks to the Australian government's Jobkeeper scheme I was able to pay the rent and continue studying through 2020, and I finally graduated in 2021 with a Bachelor of Creative Media with a major in Sound and minor in Radio. This year I quit regular live music gigs in favour of a day job, and ended up doing incredibly rewarding work with people with disabilities. And after several years of no travel, I found myself travelling to eastern Australia twice, and to Croatia to play in disc golf tournaments. Original music took a bit of a back seat in some ways between my degree, the pandemic, work and volunteering, and training and playing for Australia in disc golf.

My disability coordinator role finished in September, and now I spend my days doing casual disability employment work, volunteering as a disc golf administrator, playing disc golf, and decluttering my house and life after a very busy few years.

Original music wise, I have a number of songs that are in various stages of completion which I aim to release in some kind of regular order soon, starting in a month or two. I'll be in touch. :) 

Sue x


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