You say you want a revolution? (Day 7, LYL blog challenge)

“What revolution will you lead?” Oy, this is a tough one. As I read this question, I immediately begin to metaphorically shrink into a corner, as I did as a younger person whenever I was addressed in a group. Er, who, me? You’re asking me?! Um…I probably won’t start one, really…

I’ve never planned or desired to lead a revolution. Though it’s true, there are things I’m not happy about in this world, that I’d change if I could. And I know there have been some marvellous industry revolutions led by musicians in the past. So perhaps I can indulge my imagination to answer this question.

If I were to lead a revolution, it might be to tackle a couple of things that strike me as needing change in the music industry today:

  1. the increasingly low income available to original music artists for their works, due to the digital revolution and a smaller and smaller piece of the pie going to artists
  2. the perception by musicians that they can’t make a living from their music (true in part due to point 1)

As I still have much I can do and grow in music and the business of music, many of the obstacles that lay ahead of me are ones I see myself able to overcome, and it’s just a matter of time, devlopment and growth. But the above points, I see as potentially worthy of the attention of a revolution, as they are current roadblocks to many musicians wanting to make a living out of their abilities.

But revolutions aside, I’ll be happy just to keep learning how to make music and develop my skills and my art for now.

‘Wee San Diego’ by Nikki Marie Smith looks to me like the world revolving around a compact disc.

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